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Bigger than Turkish towels!

Super absorbent Cotton Fouta Towels

The Fouta Spa

In 2010 we established “The Fouta Spa” here in Florida, with a simple goal to bring you the finest quality cotton products available from our artisans in Tunisia and throughout the Mediterranean. Our brand is committed to integrating traditional looming techniques with modern designs and a vibrant color pallet that invites you to experience the comfort and easy care of these unique towels. Larger than most “Turkish” towels, our towels are lightweight, sand free, and the more you wash and dry them, the softer and more absorbent they become! Through the years we have developed and expanded our collection to include a large variety of sizes and textures including bedspreads, beach blankets, throws and robes! Experience the luxury and tradition of %100 cotton and enjoy the “Fouta Lifestyle!”

Welcome to The Fouta Spa! 

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Cotton Bedspreads

100% Cotton, breezable, XL & XX

Why choose a Fouta towel as your next beach, bath or pool towel?

Our Fouta towels are made of 100% cotton, making them extra absorbent. Its natural fibers become softer and softer over washes, making them fluffy and comfortable. Thanks to these unique qualities, our spa bath towels have been used in Turkish baths for centuries. Ideal for pools and spas, their light texture dries fast, cutting in half the time in the dryer and keeping them fresh on a rack.

The tight woven fibers repeal the sand from your body but also ensure that you no longer take sand with you when you leave the beach, so don't go anywhere without your Fouta beach towel

 Established in 2012, we, nowadays, are designing new colors and sizes to respond to the growing interest of the American public.

This why today, you'll find on our website spa robescotton bedspreadsoversized beach towels, recycled cotton towels, and organic cotton towels exclusively made for you! 

Hit the beach sand free!

Lightweight super absorbent beach & bath towels