What makes your Fouta Towels different from the rest?

Our weavers take great care in sourcing the finest quality cotton available. Our products are loomed by artisans who combine modern techniques with time honored, traditional skills to insure that your "Fouta" is built to our high standards. 

Why are your Fouta towels more expensive than ones you see on Amazon?

The quality of our products is paramount to our brand. Big box suppliers frequently offer inexpensive options that may seem like a "great deal", but sacrifice size, durability and quality cotton in doing so. Many "Boutique" suppliers carry "Fouta" towels that are comparable to our quality but are often double the price of our artisanal products.

What distinguishes Handmade Fouta towels from the rest?

Our handmade collectionis woven on traditional wooden looms by a select group of artisans who create unique designs specific to our brand. These finely crafted pieces are perfectly suited to accent any home or used as a shawl or scarf. More delicate than our beach and bath line, we recommend that you hand wash and dry these beautiful works of art.

Everyone talks about how soft their Fouta towel is, so how do you get it that soft?

Two reasons..Most important is the quality of our cotton. Lesser quality cottons provide less absorbency! As with terry cloth, you get what you pay for when it comes to absorbency.

Many towel manufacturers use a combination of cotton with other textiles. Our 100% cotton Fouta products are your assurance of quality and absorbency. The best part of the "Fouta" is that the more you wash it the softer and more absorbent it gets! Enjoy!

How to wash a Fouta towel?

Each Fouta towel comes with care instructions. Depending on the cotton, there might be a few different specific recommendations but most of our Fouta towels are easy care with cold or warm water machine wash and light tumble dry.

Remember that our fringes are hand knotted, so we recommend that you periodically check the tightness of the knots so that the fringes do not fray.

What does Fouta mean?

In Tunisia, people speak Arabic & French and "Fouta" means "towel" in Arabic : These are traditional woven spa towels used for centuries in Turkish baths.

What are the different ways to use a Fouta?

Super versatile, the Fouta usages are limitless! Use it as a shawl, a scarf or wrap as well as a super absorbent beach or bath towel. Use them as accents throughout your home to add simple elegance and style.

Our collection includes a variety of sizes and styles which can be used as bedspreads, tablecloths, throws or furniture and window treatments!Enhance your pool area! Your Fouta is a must have on a boat ( as a towel or cover up) Tightly woven, they drop the sand easily.

I want to introduce color and texture into my home but not sure which Fouta to choose as there are so many types and colors. Can you help me with that?

We love to help! Depending on the style you want to introduce, you may want to pull a hint of color from a piece of art on the wall or cover a particular piece of furniture.

First check the size, will it be a throw as an accent or perhaps a full coverage bedspread. Then compare different color combinations that compliment your existing theme.You may want to add a Mediterranean vibe to a room with one of our more bohemian designs like "Berbere" or "Nautica".

Add some fun to a dull room by adding bright colors or change colors per season. We offer many style, texture, color and design combinations to enhance your ever changing interior and exterior living spaces. Giving a gift?

Let us help you choose the right style for the right person! Give us a call or email us with any questions you may have!..Just as we enjoy sharing our passion for Fouta at our weekly outdoor markets, we love to consult with our customers by phone or email!

How long have you been in the Fouta business?

We have been importing, sourcing and selling Fouta products for over 14 years here in America, being French, I've known Fouta towels from the Turkish baths.

What is the difference between "honeycomb weave" and "flat weave"?

The difference is really in the way they are loomed, the honeycomb weave was loomed in a looser way, often giving the sensation of softness faster than on the flat weave. Absorbency is the same for flat or honeycomb : they both are super absorbent. 

What is the size of a Fouta towel?

 Our Fouta towels are loomed 2m x 1m = 38" x 78" 

What is the size of the "Fouta" bedspreads?

We recommend a 94" x 60"( L )  or a 78" x 78" ( SQ ) for a twin size bed or a table that seats 6 to 8 people.

On a queen bed, depending on the look you want to give to your bedroom, you may lay a 78" x 112"XXL  longways or sideways. On a queen that sits high, you may opt for a king size bedspread ( 94" x 112"XXL ) this option can also be used to replace the usage of a skirt..

Do not hesitate to use that big size to cover a big table or set up a buffet. 

The kingsize bedspreads are custom  made for an American bed!  94" x 112"XXL or 88" x 112"sideways or lengthwise for 2 different styles or depending on the height of the mattress. 

Why do we have a "VIP Club" ?

We understand that "Fouta" towels are very addictive so we like to reward our loyal customers, who are aware of our quality, for supporting our Family business. 

Other inquiries? Let's chat.

Please email us at isabelle@thefoutaspa.com