Are You Using Fouta Towels Yet?

Are You Using Fouta Towels Yet?

Are You Using Fouta Towels Yet?

Are You Using Fouta Towels Yet?

If you haven’t heard of Fouta towels, then you’re missing out. These amazing towels and accessories are made to be incredibly soft, super-absorbent, gentle on the skin, and stylish, too. Fouta towels are towels for people who enjoy luxury but don’t want to pay luxury prices to have it. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve the feeling of being pampered? Get it with great towels that are made with quality materials. Treat yourself to a little softness, a little luxury, and a lot of everything you want and need when it comes to a towel.

What Makes Fouta Towels So Different?

Fouta towels may also be called Turkish towels because they’re very commonly found in Turkish bathhouses and spas. These towels are actually made with high-quality Tunisian cotton that is non-irritating and very gentle on the skin. This cotton is incredibly soft and touchable. However, Tunisian cotton is also highly durable and machine-washable. Not only is this cotton luxurious to the touch and gentle on the skin, but it’s also tough and practical material that resists wear and tear. It’s easy to wash and dry.

Spa-style towels and accessories made under the Fouta label are thin despite all their high-performance functions. Fouta towels won’t take up a ton of space. Towels don’t have to be super thick to be super absorbent. Fouta towels are great at wicking moisture and absorbing wetness to keep you dry, but they’re not super thick and hard to use. They’re very thin and well-made. This makes Fouta towels very easy to pack and it means they travel quite well. It’s easy to take a Fouta towel with you on any vacation so you can always bring a little luxury with you everywhere.

The highly-absorbent, thin design makes a Fouta perfect as a beach towel. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 60 million people in the U.S. visited beaches in the year 2010. A good towel makes any day at the beach…well, even more like a day at the beach!

Other Fouta Accessories You Should Know About

Fouta is more than towels. In addition to towels made in all sizes, Fouta spa items are available. Get a Fouta robe to surround your entire body in softness and comfort. You can also get a gorgeous pashmina. Fouta towels aren’t just made for practical luxury. They’re also made for style. They come in a huge array of colors and patterns so they can be used as lovely decorative towels, too. In fact, these towels are so beautiful you can even use them as throws for the couch or for chairs around your home. There are numerous tasseled designs that add an extra decorative element to make these towels look very high-fashion.

They look and feel high-end and you can feel the luxury with every touch, but Fouta products are affordable. Everyone deserves to enjoy comfort and luxury, so these towels and accessories are priced so that anyone can own them. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy some rich extras in your day-to-day life!

How to Get Your Own Tunisian Towels

They’re made with super soft Tunisian cotton, but you don’t have to go on a special trip or find some high-end store to enjoy Fouta towels and spa items. Fouta products are available through a lot of different retailers, include common big-box stores like Target. You can also find these products at lots of well-known online retailers, including Amazon. Fouta products are available everywhere, so you can easily fill your linen closet with gorgeous, luxurious towels in a huge rainbow of colors, patterns, and styles.

Once you touch a Fouta towel, you can tell the difference. These towels absolutely feel different from other towels, even from other towels that are made from cotton. Nothing feels like Fouta towels, robes, and other spa accessories. You can definitely feel what sets these towels apart from others. And once you do, you won’t want anything else but a Fouta towel!

Handcrafted from 100% cotton! Come shop with us at The Fouta Spa!

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