What Is A Fouta Towel?

What Is A Fouta Towel?

What Is A Fouta Towel?

Fouta means "Towel" in Arabic. If you travel throughout the Mediterranean, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, or Greece, surely you have used them in a variety of ways! As a Beach cover-up, bedding, towel, or shawl, these beautiful and versatile textiles are a centuries-old tradition!

Fouta towels have been loomed as for centuries in Tunisia and are becoming known as the best bath towels worldwide! Originally used in Turkish baths as towels and sarongs, they are often known as "Turkish" towels or Spa bath towels. Known as "Pesthemal" in Turkey, these traditional towels should always be made of 100% cotton, to assure absorbency and softness, making them the softest bath & beach towels.

Super absorbent and easy to store, you find them throughout Europe and the Mediterranean in myriad applications. Hotels quickly realized the energy and space these thin & lightweight towels are saving them, they use them as decor accents on furniture, but mostly poolside and in bathrooms for their discerning customers.

The bigger sizes were designed to be used as sheets on a bed but also at the beach, cabana, or tablecloth.

Specially designed for the American market, our XXL Fouta bedspread collections will cover queen and king-size beds.

Loomed from 100% long thread cotton, the more you wash them the softer and more absorbent they get, making them the best bath, beach, pool, and travel towels you will ever use. The tightness of their weave makes them super durable and sand resistant! 

Our collection offers recycled and organic cotton, both are absorbent and soft. The recycled cotton collections are made of a flat weave and the organic collections are made of a damask weave, giving a more luxurious sensation, for sure, the softest bath towel.  This is why we often recommend a flat weave for the beach and an organic collection for the bathroom. In fact,  both are very efficient, both are sand resistant towels and quality towels  thanks to their tight weave and natural fibers. Our cotton is recycled in Europe and shipped to Tunisia. 

Super lightweight, and easy to pack, your Fouta towel is the first article you'll pack while going on a trip. Versatile, you can wear it as a shawl, a scarf, or a wrap...use it as a blanket on the plane or as a cover-up in a church or at a restaurant. 

Super tight woven and flat weave, they release sand and pet hair in a snap! No more bulky, sandy towels that take up space in your beach bag and never dry, Fouta towels are the best sand free beach towels  & wearable!

They dry fast and are ideal for boats, pools, and bathrooms which makes them great Energy savers.

Here in beautiful Siesta Key Florida, where our white sand beaches are made of the finest quartz, our towels, and sand free beach blankets are a must-have! Check out our video on the front page! The sand naturally drops from the towel, no more stinky bulk towels to put in a bag and you can pack 4 times more towels in a bag than usual beach towels! 

You can also go big, extra large,  with our line of oversized bedding and tablecloths. Whether you're at the beach, on the boat, or looking for the perfect bedspreads, cotton spa robes, or quality  bath towels to compliment your home, we invite you to live the "Fouta lifestyle!" 

Welcome to The Fouta Spa where Tradition meets Luxury!


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