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The Fouta Spa

Handmade Fouta Zaida - 100% Organic Cotton - XL, XXL When Tradition meets Luxury..

$140.00 USD

100% organic cotton, hand loomed, a more delicate and elegant weave. Queen and king size Bedspread, XL Throw, XL Tablecloth, Curtain. 

If you want to show the side of your bed ( wood or drawers ) lay your bedspread longways, if you'd like the bedspread to drop to the floor, lay it sideways. 

Solid beige or grey color with stripes, just stunning.

Can be bedspread or just folded as a throw at the end of the bed.

XL = 112" x 78"             XXL = 112" x 94"

Pair your bedspread with the same color throw or curtain ( Towel size or Large Hand Made Fouta )

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