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Why Does a Fouta Towel Make the Best Beach Towel?

Why Does a Fouta Towel Make the Best Beach Towel?

100% Cotton, your towel will dry you, light weight, it will dry fast. Loomed and not machine made. the long threads make them super durable and our unique cotton gets super soft. Tight woven, it drops the sand easily, this is why people call it sand repellent. This towel is simply going to ease your next life style...  The word about Fouta towels is quickly spreading because they are exceptional towels. Super Absorbent, lightweight, elegant and super durable!

The Quality is Amazing

Our Authentic Fouta towels are made from high - quality cotton and have hand knotted  fringes on each end. These towels are highly absorbent thanks to the quality of the tightly woven cotton, the more you wash them, the softer and more absorbent they get. Made to be used in Turkish Baths, they are meant to last for years!

They Are a Versatile Fashion Statement

You may have noticed that, usually, terrycloth beach towels tend to spread the water more than they dry you. With our Fouta towels, you will be amazed of how fast and efficiently our lightweight towels dry you and by the same way, dry fast! 

Their popularity is directly related to the fact that they meet so many needs while you are at the beach, at the lake, by the pool or at home. Seamless and XL, you can easily wrap yourself in it and wear it as an elegant wrap or Pareo or as a shawl on a boat. 

Sand free, this is the only towel you can seat on and shake once to drop the sand!

You can use your Fouta as a wrap for those long walks on the beach. They are great looking, yet highly durable and made to last. Beach season after beach season your Fouta towel will last.

Lightweight and Easy to Tote

A big bulky towel can be inconvenient to carry around. Loomed Tunisian towels are lightweight and pack beautifully. You do not have to sacrifice space in your beach bag to have a towel that delivers the ultimate in function, comfort, and style.

These towels are becoming the “must-have” beach accessory for anyone that wants a beach towel that is big enough to spread out, absorbent enough to dry off, and that looks great. Before you buy another “one season and done” beach towel, consider the value of a Fouta beach towel.Loomed with 100% Cotton! Come shop with us at The Fouta Spa!

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