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Spa Towels Vs. Ordinary Bath Towels: What’s the Difference?

Spa Towels Vs. Ordinary Bath Towels: What’s the Difference?

The Spa In Your Bathroom

Have you ever wondered why you love going to the spa frequently? Is it the atmosphere, the soft music, or the plush warm towels you get to wrap yourself in? Spa centers have made it their mission to create a luxurious, relaxing scene and to even share this with their clients after they’ve left and gone home. Spa style towels and accessories have been made available for those of us who want the spa to come to us.

In the United States alone, nearly 60 million people visited beaches in 2010, according to the U.S Census Bureau. How many do you think used a beach towel during this time and what styles did people prefer to use? What about accessories they took with them, like a fouta hand towel or fouta robe, to guard from the sun’s UV rays? There are major differences in the threading and feel of a fouta spa towel versus an ordinary beach towel. But first, let’s learn the various types of materials.

Organic cotton is culled with eco-friendly crops that do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Farmers harvest this cotton using sustainable methods to maintain the materials and transform into threading. These towels are made from fibers that may have the same look and feel as conventional cotton, but without the extra baggage and larger carbon footprint.

Egyptian cotton is considered to be the highest quality cotton out there because of its very lengthy fibers and high absorbency rate. It’s often the top choice for luxury hotels and their included spas. Its longevity tops the list because of the thickness, absorbency, and soft to the touch feel.

Turkish cotton is very similar to Egyptian cotton, with its extra-long fibers, and is specifically grown in Turkish regions. These towels are soft and luxurious.


Fouta towels were originally used as sarongs in Turkish bathhouses and spas. Traditionally, these multi-use towels are crafted from 100% cotton and often appear to have delicate fringe details. Today, this style has become a modern day lifestyle essential, known and praised for its versatility. The functionality and decorative quality of these towels allow them to work well in various settings from home to the spa and even to the beach. It’s also known as the “original” spa towel, making it the standard to which all other towels are measured against Bamboo towel, microfiber etc.. )

While there are many options for towels on the market today, it’s clear that Fouta beach towels, along with Fouta hand towels and robes, offer a sense of luxury that can’t be replicated with other choices. What better way to bring the spa scenery to your home than to carry the original spa style towels and accessories for your family and friends to experience?

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