A loomed Fouta Towel is assurance of Authenticity, Durability, Absorbency and Sand Repellent.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Top-Quality Fouta Towels

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Top-Quality Fouta Towels

Both men and women in 19th century Syria used to wrap fouta towels around their bodies when visiting public baths. Fast forward to the 21st century, these cotton towels come in handy in a couple of ways. If you don’t have a beach towel, feel free to lay out your fouta towel on the sand. Fouta hand towels are quality and beautiful bath towels, too. With so much versatility, fouta towels are among the things most people consider a must-have. Apart from versatility, these towels have other advantages such as:

  • Highly absorbent and lightweight: There are times when towels don’t totally dry between uses, and occupy too much bag space. If this is something you’re used to, a fouta towel will help you say adios to these issues. Tunisian fouta towels, for example, are 100% cotton and thus super absorbent without occupying much space.
  • Keep getting softer: Ordinary towels become worn out and rougher as time goes by. When it comes to fouta towels, however, they keep getting softer and softer. Each wash comes with more cotton starch release that helps relax the yarn, thus taking softness a notch higher.
  • Durable: Unlike regular cotton, Turkish cotton has lesser joins and this means fewer weak points. This is actually the secret behind the strength of fouta hand towels.

If you were to think about how some towels fade and fray, you’ll agree that buying fouta towels is a no-brainer. Here are some extra pointers that can help you identify towels worth every penny shelled out.

1. Fouta Towels Are the Best

Truth be told, all towels are not created equal. Buying one that is all-purpose, durable, quick-drying and lightweight is advised. These qualities are the perfect definition of fouta towels. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that these towels have enjoyed such historical longevity.

2. Get the Best Fouta Towel Size

Wrapping a fouta towel around your body will help know if it is the right size. Now that this a must-have when traveling, always go for one with an ideal length size. One that is long enough will come in handy as a blanket in cold weather, or as a picnic blanket when outdoors. If you need a sink towel, fouta hand towels are just the right size. In short, think about normal life situations where you’ll need fouta towels before buying.

3. Lightweight Is the Way To Go

When it comes to ordinary towels, heavy towels are most preferred because they’re softer and more absorbent. But with fouta towels, heavier is not necessarily better. In fact, they are able to strike the perfect balance between being lightweight and absorbent. Being lightweight makes them more practical and handy by eradicating the burden of carrying extra weight with you. The extra space created in your bag can be used for other essential items.

4. The Weaving Method Matters

There are numerous towel weaving methods and some of the most common are twisted-fiber, combed and ring-spun. If you plan to buy fouta hand towels, for instance, always enquire about the weaving method used. In case you are purchasing online, check the towel’s weaving method as you go through the product description section.

If durability and softness are what you are looking for, ring-spun is the way to go. This weaving method involves tight twisting of short and long threads together. The end result is a smooth and strong yarn. On the other hand, combed cotton involves treating the fibers before spinning them into yarn. The yarn is certainly soft, but not as soft as its ring-spun counterpart.

5. Price

A ridiculously low price tag should tell you that something is wrong. This is not to say that you should spend much. The goal here is ensuring that you get good quality at a price that doesn’t leave your wallet empty. The average price of a real Fouta Towel is $60, because we work directly with Tunisia, we can offer you the best price ever possible online, shop today, we warranty the best quality at the best price.

Summing Up

Pinpointing the best towel can at times be overwhelming. Nonetheless, you can never go wrong with The Fouta Spa fouta towels. Obeying the above guidelines will help get a fouta towel that you can take pride

Traditionally loomed with 100% cotton, your next generation of towel! When Tradition meets Luxury! Come shop with us at The Fouta Spa!

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