What is All the Buzz About Fouta Beach Towels?

What is All the Buzz About Fouta Beach Towels?

What is All the Buzz About Fouta Beach Towels?

There has been a lot of buzz recently about Fouta beach towels. They are quickly taking the place of the regular traditional beach towel with good reason. You likely have seen Fouta beach towels on social media posts if you have yet to experience them in person. There are around 60 million people in the US that visit beaches, many of them have their Fouta towels with them.

These Tunisian cotton towels and all the Fouta accessories are trending big right now and the trend only seems to be getting bigger. These high-quality Fouta beach towels are the perfect accessory for the beach, the lake, the boat, any time you want comfort and style.

What Are Fouta Beach Towels?

The Fouta is not a brand it is a culture. Fouta’s were originally designed to be used in Turkish bathhouses, to protect from the sun as a head garment, and to be used to wrap the body. They are handwoven from the finest cotton, highly absorbent, and very stylish.

The Fouta designed beach towels are large enough to layout as a blanket to take in the sun and then dry you off. It is a wonderful accessory for any outdoor activity (and for your showers at home). Whether it is a day trip to the park, beach, lake, or anywhere with Fouta beach towels you will have ready-made seating and a great way to dry off.

The Superior Quality

Fouta hand towels, Fouta beach towels, a Fouta robe, any type of Fouta product is popular now because of the quality. They are all one of life’s little luxuries that are affordable. There is nothing better than having simple luxury products that make you more comfortable in life.

While the styling of these towels is getting a lot of attention from the trendsetters it is the quality that really is the biggest selling point. You can absolutely tell the difference between these handcrafted gems and your average beach towel.

Once you try the Fouta beach towels you will never settle for a regular cotton beach towel again. You will be buzzing about your love of the Fouta towels like the rest of the internet. These are the towels that you have been waiting for.

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