Drying Off With Old, Coarse Towels? Why Turkish Towels Are Your Next Go-To Purchase

Drying Off With Old, Coarse Towels? Why Turkish Towels Are Your Next Go-To Purchase

Drying Off With Old, Coarse Towels? Why Fouta (a.k.a.Turkish) Towels Are Your Next Go-To Purchase

Spa style towels and accessories are increasingly available for you to purchase online and enjoy in the comfort of your home–or on that next big trip. What spa towels are best? Tunisian towels, also called Fouta towels or Tunisian Fouta towels, are currently in the spotlight, and with good reason. Why Fouta? Here is a quick look at the top reasons these towels are more popular than ever.

Tunisian Towels Improve With Time

Your standard towel is going to be much worse for wear as time goes on. It may grow coarse, trap unpleasant smells, stain, and start to pill. Not Tunisian towels! Tunisian or Fouta towel varieties are made out of 100% cotton or linen materials.Loomed, they all have fringes, hand knotted, at each end. In short, towels generally pill from the friction of short and long fibers rubbing together. Fouta towels have mostly long fibers, preventing pilling over time.

As an added bonus, Tunisian cotton towels actually get softer the longer you use them. The cotton gets softer and comfier the more you wash it, the softer it gets.

Turkish Towels Are Bigger and Dry Faster

For the most part, Turkish towels or Tunisian towels are bigger than their coarser, lower quality counterparts. Even so, they dry faster, stain less, and the thin but absorbent cotton fabric folds up nicely and compactly, making these towels the perfect fit for beach bags and suitcases. If you are a frequent beachgoer in a locale with a lot of sun, there is no need to worry! While the vibrant, bold colors of your average beach towel may fade after months in the sun, these cotton towels' dyes will hold up well in direct sunlight and the unrelenting heat.

Turkish Towels Are Perfect For Hair

Bath towels are pretty heavy. Unless you have been blessed with a head of perfectly soft, baby-fine hair, there is a good chance that the weight of your hair and the weight of your towel is going to weigh your head down. Hopefully, the standard bath towel will hold for as long as you need it to. Even if it does, the bulk of the towel and your wet hair may cause strain and neck pain, and–let’s face it–regular bath towels trap less than desirable wet smells, leaving you to worry if you smell like an overused towel that was left on the floor.

Turkish towels solve all these worries! These towels are extremely lightweight, ensuring that they stay snugly in place while your hair dries. The fast-drying material will help you cut down on hair drying time, and it may improve the overall quality of your hair, too. Just like you don’t want to sleep on abrasive materials if your hair is prone to breaking, split ends, or frizz, rubbing your head with tough, pilled towels after a shower is not exactly the optimal hair care routine. Gently pressing on damp hair with a soft, high quality fabric, like a fouta towel, is a much better alternative.

They Look Nice, Too!

The Tunisian, Turkish, or fouta towel is highly functional, but it can be decorative, too! These towels come in a variety of colors and design, and exude an air of relaxed luxury. Use fouta towels on outdoor furniture for an attractive, quick-drying table cloth, or artfully drape these towels over couches and chairs for a chic, bohemian look.

Tunisian Towels Are Multi-Functional

The possibilities are endless… well, almost. Tunisian towels are great for the bath and for your hair. They travel well. They’re great for drying off or lounging on the sand. They make perfect throws, and you can also use them as a lightweight beach wrap, a baby blanket, a scarf, a cloth beach bag or hiking bag, a picnic blanket, and more.

The next time you purchase new towels, treat yourself. Purchase luxury Turkish towels, for towels that are soft, long-lasting, quick-drying, and incredibly versatile, too.

Loomed with  100% cotton, when Tradition meets Luxury,  come shop with us at The Fouta Spa!

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