How a Fouta Robe Will Change Your Bath Routine

How a Fouta Robe Will Change Your Bath Routine

How a Fouta Robe Will Change Your Bath Routine

Life has few true luxuries in it unless you happen to be a millionaire. Chances are, like most of us, you aren’t. However, you can still treat yourself to a luxurious experience and feel lie you’re a millionaire with a fouta robe. No matter how much money you’ve got, nothing can compare to really amazing material put together in a really great design.

All the money in the world can’t make anything feel better than glorious Turkish cotton, which is exactly what you get every single time you slip into a soft fouta robe. This is a luxury that anyone can afford, whether or not you’ve got a bank account that has millions in it or not.

Why You Want a Fouta Robe

The first towel is believed to have been invented in Bursa, Turkey sometime in the 17th century. It’s only fitting, then, that fabulous Turkish cotton was used to create not just the fouta robe, but all fouta towels and other fouta spa products as well. The fouta robe is 100% Turkish cotton and it was made in Turkey, where towels were first created. The outside is made to be smooth thanks to the flat, woven construction. Inside, the construction is looped terrycloth that creates moisture-wicking softness. Put it all together, and you’ll be wrapped in luxurious softness that feels amazing against your skin. The fouta robe is luxury that just feels like a million bucks, however, it won’t cost you nearly that much.

You can tell the difference in cotton towels and tobes when they touch your skin. Cotton is a natural material that’s naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Cotton is safe and soft against even the most sensitive skin. That’s why so many baby clothes are made of cotton. They aren’t made with silk or with material that has gold thread in it, because what’s expensive isn’t necessarily what’s better. There’s still nothing better than pure cotton. This material is soft so it’s kind against the skin. And it’s also strong. Cotton can be machine washed and even ironed. Cotton is resilient and durable and long-lasting. It can get wet, unlike suede and other sensitive leathers and materials. You don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy fine luxury. You just need a fouta robe!

Get the Right Accessories in Your Bathroom

Fouta makes a huge variety of bath and spa products. If you enjoy the feel of a soft, cotton fouta robe against your skin, you’ll love having fouta hand towels in your bathroom closet. Take fouta beach towels with you when you go swimming to dry off quickly and treat your skin to gentle softness and luxurious comfort.

Fouta towels are available in all sizes and styles, not to mention the wide variety of colors. You can find fouta products to match with any existing bathroom decor you have. There are tons of spa-style towels and accessories available from fouta, and all are made with high-quality cotton and the high-quality construction that you want to enjoy in all the products you purchase.

Cotton feels like a dream, but it has a lot of practical functions, too. Cotton absorbs moisture well, pulling wetness away from your skin so that you stay drier and more comfortable. Slip into a fouta robe after any shower or a dip in the pool to get dry and treat yourself to a little bit of luxury whenever you want. Because you may not be a millionaire…but don’t you deserve to feel just like you are?

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