What Are Fouta Towels?

What Are Fouta Towels?

What Are Fouta Towels?

The right accessories help you to live the stylized, luxurious lifestyle that you deserve. Fouta towels are popular accessories that add that extra bit of luxury and comfort to your bathroom, making you feel like you are living your best life.

But what is a Fouta towel?

Fouta towels are premium, high-quality towels that give you the spa experience no matter where you are. Whether you are near the pool, soaking in the tub, or lying on the sand at the beach, a Fouta towel is the perfect option.

Why All the Buzz About Fouta Fabrics?

Fouta towels are traditionally made from the highest quality cotton or linen. They often have a lovely fringes at the top and bottom of the towel. This is not just any old beach towel; this is the timeless Tunisian towel that is made from the best possible materials. Every Fouta towel is made from 100% recycled or organic cotton with handmade fringes.

For those that want the purest cotton towels, there is even an organic line. These luxurious towels are both beautiful and highly functional. They are highly absorbent and designed for comfort. Artisans in Tunisia create beautiful patterns from high quality recycled cotton (organic if you choose).

It is hard to not get excited about these wonderful, built-to-last towels. The materials are ethically sourced and a fair wage is paid to the manufacturers in Tunisia.

Wonderful Accessories

Due to popular demand, Fouta fabrics are now used for more than towels. The amazing Fouta material that has made the towels so popular is now used to make robes, mattresses, and lounge covers so that you can experience this fabric for all your comfort needs.

Wrap yourself in comfort straight out of the shower or on the beach with the stylish, comfortable Fouta robe. Lounge in comfort with the beautiful Fouta lounge cover. There is no reason to settle for less than perfection.

Spa Style For Everyday

You do not have to check into a luxury hotel or spa to experience high-quality Tunisian towels, robes, and lounge pads. All you have to do is order your Fouta products and start enjoying high-quality accessories in the comfort of your own home.

This is the towel and accessories that you are going to start to see everywhere. Get in on this cutting edge style today!

Loomed with 100% cotton, when Tradition meets Luxury! 

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