Three Extraordinary Uses for Fouta Beach Towels

Three Extraordinary Uses for Fouta Beach Towels

Three Extraordinary Uses for Fouta Beach Towels

In the world of towels, there has been one choice for years- terrycloth. A terrycloth towel has been a home staple for so long, most shoppers aren’t aware that there are alternatives out there that work even better than terrycloth. Fouta towels are made from extra-long cotton fibers, creating a thin, breathable towel that dries faster than traditional terrycloth towels. Fouta towels originate from Turkey, where the locals utilize them in their everyday lives- as towels, scarves, sarongs, and a host of other uses.

These Tunisian towels are excellent space savers, and because they are so thin and dry so quickly, they won’t hold a mildewy odor like traditional towels. The luxurious Tunisian cotton, of course, makes an ideal towel, but there are plenty of other uses for these towels. Let’s explore three uses for Fouta towels that you’ll have fun applying to your own day-to-day life.

Fouta Beach Towels

Approximately 60 million U.S. citizens visited beaches in 2010, and all those people carried along thick towels. Fouta towels don’t just make pretty, functional decorations in your home bathroom. The towels are great at the beach, too, as blankets, shawls, and naturally, Fouta beach towels. The thin cotton is an excellent absorber of water while remaining a breathable fabric that’s perfect for a bit of sun protection without being too heavy. The durable Fouta beach towels are great blankets for a picnic or simply lying in the sun. They’re easy to fold and grab for a spontaneous trip, and once the sand has been shaken out of them, Fouta beach towels make an excellent home for themselves within your house.

Fouta Tablecloths

Tunisian Fouta is a naturally very pretty and versatile textile, so why not use one as a tablecloth? Cotton is easy to take care of, easy to store, and easy to wash should some food mishaps happen at your dining room table. Depending on the size of your table, your Fouta towels may be big enough to drape over the entire surface. If you have a larger table, the towels can become a decorative element down the center of your table, providing a subtle yet beautiful accent to your meal. And with the variety of colors Fouta towels come in, you can change that tablecloth as often as you feel like it.

Fouta Curtains

No need to keep these towels in a closet if you aren’t using them often; make some simple curtains and add a beautiful enhancement to any room of your house. Curtains are some of the easiest decorations you can make, even if you don’t have a sewing machine. Tie a piece of ribbon around the fabric for an easy way to keep the curtains open when you want the light, and simply untie them when you want to keep some of the sunlight outside of your house.

Fouta towels make fantastic towels for your bath, kitchen, poolside or beachside, but they have a host of other uses as well. The only limits to their uses are how far your creativity stretches, so find some unique uses for these gorgeous Tunisian towels and add an exotic and useful flair to your home.

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