The History Of Fouta Cotton Towels

The History Of Fouta Cotton Towels

The History Of Fouta Cotton Towels

Fouta cotton towels are made of the highest quality Turkish cotton and are the ultimate in absorption,comfort, softness and elegance. These towels are rich in history.

Where Do They Come From?

Fouta towels have been loomed as a spa towel for centuries in Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco and  quickly became a staple in every home all over the Mediterranean and neighbors.

A Rich History, Fouta means Towel in arabic. Go to any hammam in Europe or around the Mediterranean, you ll be given a fouta to cover and dry yourself. 

They add that perfectly edited touch to any bathroom, kitchen, or beach bag. It is a rare pleasure to have something that is so beautiful and so usable. Fouta towels are made to be used, even though you will want to enjoy time just appreciating the quality with which they are made.

Buy some for your home here today, for your beach bag, to give as gifts, and share one of life’s wonderful little luxuries with everyone you know.

The Fouta spa : When Tradition meets Luxury! 


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