Once You Try Traditional Woven Cotton Towels You Won’t Use Any Others

Once You Try Traditional Woven Cotton Towels You Won’t Use Any Others

Once You Try Traditional Woven Cotton Towels You Won’t Use Any Others

Once you have used traditional woven cotton products, such as the fouta towel, you won’t want to use any other type of towel. Fouta towels have been used by both women and men to wrap around their bodies as far back as 19th-century Syria in public baths. Today tunisian cotton towels are used in bathrooms, near pools, in spas, as décor in homes and at beaches all over the world. When you use fouta towels that have been dyed using natural dyes you are enjoying some of the best-woven cotton in vibrant colors that are eco-friendly too.

A Fouta Towel Is a Must-Have Beach Accessory

You may see fouta beach towels tied around waists, spread out over sand, or rolled up and placed in totes ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Consider tunisian cotton to be the best choice when it comes to woven towels for the beach. This Eastern tradition has proven to be one of the best beach accessories since they are lightweight and extremely absorbent. Catch all of those water droplets and dry off quick before going into an air-conditioned building using tunisian towels.

Don’t Just Choose One, Get Every Color!

Expand your colorful horizons with Tunisian cotton. Many vibrant and beautiful colors are available that will match your style. Choose colors in every hue for your bathrooms, guest bathrooms, poolside and spas. Let your natural elegance shine by using 100% organic tunisian cotton that is authentic. Try different weaving options to add a flare of distinction that will be appreciated by all.

Go from neutral to mute to bright color tones that are stylish for indoor and outdoor parties too. Drape Turkish towels over tables, divans, armchairs and keep them rolled up in baskets to use as comfortable coverlets. They come in many different sizes to suit any use. The variants in color make them unique in a world of boring towels that never make it out of the bathroom.

The Perks of Tunisian Cotton

A fouta towel, otherwise known as a Turkish towel, is the perfect replacement for heavier, traditional towels. They range in sizes that are ideal for use as towels or fashion accessories. Tie a Turkish towel around your waist as a swimsuit cover, or wear one as a sarong that shows your ability to take your fashion from the beach or poolside to socializing comfortably.

Why Use Towels Made of 100% Organic Cotton?

A great advantage to using Turkish towels made from organic cotton is their ability to dry fast. The weave is superior and more capable of drying skin and hair with an unparalleled absorbency. This practical towel shows you care about the environment when you purchase towels made from 100% organic cotton.

Are Turkish Towels Easy to Wash?

Caring for this type of fabric is fairly easy. Successive washing only improves the softness of the tunisian cotton. They become softer without any significant changes to the texture. The absorbency stays strong while the towels feel even better upon the skin. The advantages of using a pure cotton towel don’t get any better than this.

Purchase the Towels with the Fringe

Have you noticed another spectacular aspect of Tunisian cloth? Specially designed towels, which are spa-like, have an attractive fringe that sets them apart from ordinary towels. Fabric experts have long hailed the Fouta towel as a premium item created using the finest tunisian cotton. There are many added benefits besides the look, feel and absorbent attributes.

Spa-like towels have great longevity. There are fewer weak spots due to the type of weaving required to create these towels. Fouta towels are created to last and will not end up with holes throughout the fabric or in tatters. Purchase them from reputed retailers that offer an authentic product that proves tradition has met luxury. Your Tunisian cotton towel experience awaits.

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