At-Home Spa Essentials: Items You Need For a Bathroom Oasis #thefoutaspa

At-Home Spa Essentials: Items You Need For a Bathroom Oasis #thefoutaspa

At-Home Spa Essentials: Items You Need For a Bathroom Oasis

In today’s endlessly busy and tech-driven world, it’s no surprise we feel more stressed than ever. To combat that emotional and physical tension, it’s essential to know when it’s time to unwind and disconnect from the world. Having your own spa set-up at home can be the perfect way to make this self-care more accessible to you at any time. But how exactly can you make sure that your home spa has everything you could possibly need? Refer to our checklist below and your spa will be fully equipped to help you de-stress after the end of a long day.

Candles or Aromatherapy

Scent can play a significant role in your home spa experience. Calming smells like lavender or peppermint can instantly transport you to a place far away from home and allow all your worries to melt away. You might want to use an essential oil diffuser or scented candles to create an atmosphere that promotes tranquility. As an added bonus, candles can provide a sense of ambiance around the tub or sink.

Spa Style Towels and Accessories

Whether you’re taking a luxurious bath or are giving yourself a facial, you’ll want to have high-quality cotton towels at the ready. Spa style towels and accessories can make all the difference between an ordinary shower and one that feels like a vacation from reality. While towels have been around since 17th century Turkey, they’re still an essential for any bathroom. And if you want an at-home spa, you’ll want to invest in some Fouta towels to really take your experience to the next level. You can even get a towel warmer to ensure that you’ll never feel any discomfort on chilly mornings.

Robes and Slippers

Whenever you book a treatment at a spa, you’ll be presented with a robe and slippers to use during your appointment. To recreate this same feeling at home, why not get yourself a Fouta robe and some bathroom slippers or sandals? That way, you can feel completely comfortable — whether you’re getting ready in the morning before work or getting ready to give yourself a pedicure. You might consider getting an extra set for guests or having yours monogrammed for that extra-special touch.

Bath Bombs and Soaks

If you love nothing more than a long soak in the bathtub, you might want to make your experience even more relaxing with a few additions. A bath bomb, bath salts, or a bath soak can provide moisturizing or exfoliating qualities for the skin while improving the overall visual appeal of your experience. Not only do these products look attractive when they’re poured into the bath, but they can also be stored in aesthetically pleasing canisters in your spa bathroom.

With the addition of scents and bath products, luxurious garments, and spa style towels and accessories, you can turn any ordinary bathroom into a peaceful spa space. For more information on why Fouta towels are a must-have for anyone and everyone, please contact us today. Loomed  from 100% cotton!

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