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3 Reasons to Try Out a Fouta Towel

3 Reasons to Try Out a Fouta Towel

Do you know which beach accessories you’re going to be using this summer? How about trading in your old, ratty beach towel for a new fouta towel. While they function the same way as a normal towel, a fouta towel is a sleek, aesthetically pleasing beach towel with numerous unique benefits for your next day of fun in the sun. These versatile towels are a great way to stand out at the pool and heat up your summer!

Why choose a fouta towel? Here are a few reasons to consider:

Fun, Eye-Catching Designs

Traditionally, these towels are made from linen or 100% cotton, making them higher quality than many alternatives. Lots of these cottons are even recycled or organic, making them easier on the earth! They also frequently feature a delicate fringed detail, so their design is both fun and funky. These towels also come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that expresses your own unique personality!

Lightweight Design

It could be time to trade out those potentially scratchy velour beach towels for the soft, lightweight fouta towel! Since they are made of quality linen or cotton, these towels are sure to hold up for years to come. Plus, pilling is absolutely a thing of the past!

Versatile Appeal

Unlike more traditional beach towels, fouta towels go beyond just the poolside and allow you to make a splash in your home as well! The material and style of these towels make them a great option for everyday use as well. There are plenty of varieties of this awesome product including robes, hand towels, bedspreads, lounge covers, and other accessories. The versatility of these towels puts them above the rest of the pack!

Even though swapping out your old beach towel may not have been on your to-do list this summer, it’s time to explore higher quality, more visually striking, and even in some cases more environmentally friendly options for your towels and household accessories. Once you’ve seen and felt the quality of these beautiful towels, you won’t want to turn back!

Fouta towels offer the beach flare that you’ve been searching for and allow years of enjoyment. Try a fouta towel on your next beach vacation and you won’t be disappointed by its lightweight feel, aesthetically pleasing design, and unique appeal.

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