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History of the Fouta

"Fouta", means towel in Tunisia. For centuries, the looming process of Fouta spa towels is well known throughout the Mediterranean. Women would wear them as they go to the Hammam, also known as Turkish baths. As illustrated in the photo, one Fouta was to cover her head and later dry it. The second one was to wrap her body in it, and then dry herself off. They are sometimes compared to Peshtemal or Turkish towels. Our towels are made with the highest quality of cotton and are extremely durable and soft.

Today, online stores offer mass-produced, machine-made Turkish towels from everywhere. This intricate looming heritage can’t be replicated in mass production and has taken us years to find family-owned artisans willing, and capable of creating and exporting this traditional product. Our towels come in many colors and styles and are available in a variety of sizes.

These luxurious, versatile towels are seamless, hand knotted and 100% cotton. Our artisans craft the finest loomed cotton available for you heren in America.

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