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Looming has been a Family heritage for centuries in Tunisia. Our weavers work with high quality recycled and organic long thread cotton that ensures great absorbency and durability. Though the looms became semi-automatic over the years, our weavers utilize their skills to create unique weaves to be used in a variety of ways. A flatweave, for instance, is the ideal beach towel, tablecloth or beach blanket! Tightly woven, they shake off the sand and dry in half the time as a terrycloth towel…Thicker weaves like Honeycomb, Chevron or Herringbone, are perfect in the bathroom or as a shawl, scarf or throw on the furniture.

We have a great relationship with our suppliers in Tunisia and are constantly developing new designs and color combinations not found anywhere in North America. With a large variety of colors, styles and designs we hope you enjoy our artisanal textiles for years to come!

Isabelle & Michael   


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