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The Fouta Spa

Zaida Fouta Bedspread

$140.00 USD

100% organic cotton, hand-loomed, a more delicate and elegante weave. Queen and king size Bedspread, XL Throw, XL Tablecloth, Curtain. 

If you want to show the side of your bed ( wood or drawers ) lay your bedspread longways, if you'd like the bedspread to drop to the floor, lay it sideways, 1 style, 2 looks.

Solid beige or grey color with stripes, just stunning.

Can be a bedspread or just folded as a throw at the end of the bed.

XL = 112" x 78"             XXL = 112" x 94"

Indoor usage

Pair your bedspread with the same color throw or curtain ( Towel size or Large Hand Made Fouta )

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