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The Fouta Spa

XL & XXL Fouta Nautica ( bedspread, sofa cover )

$80.00 USD

These  XL & XXL Fouta are gorgeous to use as a Queen size bed cover or a King size bed throw. Everything is possible with our seamless unique pieces of cotton which means you can have matching curtains too! Your XL Fouta can also be used as a chic sofa cover which adds a pop of color & texture to any room! This size is so versatile you can use it as a XL tablecloth -  seats 10 to 12 people.  The XXL will cover a queen size bed sitting high or to help you to stop using a skirt. 

100% recycled cotton Two-tone with thin stripes throughout & hand-knotted fringes.

Longways will cover a queen size bed, side ways, can cover a king size bed but will not cover under the pillows.

Do you like to take a nap in the summertime with a comfortable cotton sheet?... You'll love this one...

XXL are for the same use as XL, just larger, perfect to cover a king size bed.

XL = 112" x 78"

XXL = 112" x 94"

Care instructions included with purchase.




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