What Is A Fouta Towel?

What Is A Fouta Towel?

What Is A Fouta Towel?
What is a Fouta Towel?

Fouta towels are multi-use staple for an efficient household. This Turkish material could once only be seen in historic bath houses and spas. Now, it is one of the most versatile fabrics on the market. But you may be wondering what exactly a fouta towel is and how it can become one of your must-have household accessories.

What is a Fouta Towel?

Fouta towels have a long history in quality and excellence. They are thin and versatile, making them exceptionally valuable as household items. Originally, fouta was used in Turkish bathhouses as towels or sarongs. For this reason, a fouta towel is also known as a Turkish towel. In fact, the invention of the towel dates back to 17th-century Turkey.

The fouta towel gets its name from the fabric from which it’s made, Fouta means towel in arabic. These lightweight and absorbent towels are made from our soft cotton that has extra long fibers. This longer fibered cotton allows these towels to be more durable, due to stronger and smoother cotton threading. Modern-day foutas are inspired by the ones that were used in historic Turkish spas, with the same tightly woven textiles. While being durable, these highly sought after material is also used in the creation of other personal accessories.

How Are They Different?

A fouta towel stands apart from the pack of your basic and poorly made terry cloth towels. This material is designed to be versatile, as well as durable and compact. A fouta towel is one of the accessories you will be able to take with you, as its flat design allows it to be easily transported. This is one of the ideal take-along items for your next beach vacation. Easily roll them up and put them in your beach bag. They are perfect for laying out on the sand, due to their tightly woven cotton threads and vibrant colors. While Tusinian towels look great in your bathroom or laid out on the beach, they can just as easily be worn as accessories. It will feel light and airy against your skin. Drape them over your shoulders, use as a picnic blanket, or put them on your couch as throw blankets. The options are endless.

Fouta towels are perfect accessories for almost any occasion. This versatile fabric is not only vibrant and colorful, but also durable and well-made. This decorate and functional fabric is perfect for use in many different settings.


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